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Welcome to Cloudbase Solutions Documentation Platform!


This is the current list of Cloudbase Solutions projects. Here you can find details about each one of them along with technical specs, procedures, known issues, workarounds and a lot of other useful information.

  • Cloud Images
  • Cloudbase-init
  • Cloudbase Nova Driver
  • Cloudbase Cinder Driver
  • Corriolis
  • Heat Templates
  • Hyper-C
  • Juju Charms
  • Juju Core for Windows
  • Openvswitch for Windows

Major Bugs and Workarounds

To report bugs, please use

Here we will post information and workarounds about bugs discovered. For advanced enterprise class support, consider a subscription from our Support Team.

NB: When creating records for Bugs or Known Errors, please follow the template from here.

How to

Under this category you can find different instructions created by our technical teams.

For Internal Topics, check this area.

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