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Writting Juju Charms for Windows

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The rules of writting charms are the same in Windows as they are in linux. As a reference, the Havana Hyper-V charm can be used. The charm can be found at:

By default, Juju adds $env:CHARM_DIR\hooks\Modules and $env:CHARM_DIR\Modules in $env:PSModulePath. So you can simply write a module, bundle it with your charm, and simply do an Import-Module in your hooks. We should strive to create a common suite of helper modules for all juju charms on windows!

The CharmHelpers module in the above mentioned Hyper-V charm is a good start. Its basically a port of the Openstack charm helpers written in python.

Windows Charms:

1. Windows Active Directory Controller

2. Windows Active Directory Join

3. Windows Active Directory Exchange

4. Windows Active Directory MsSQL

5. Windows Active Directory SharePoint

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