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Line 65: Line 65:
   - compile your own   - compile your own
-You can get a  {{:​|precompiled version of mongod.exe here}}.+You can get a  {{|precompiled version of mongod.exe here}}. ​(md5: 27a623932453e1cf80c6889a81335ee8)
 To download it via PowerShell type in the following command in the PowerShell prompt: To download it via PowerShell type in the following command in the PowerShell prompt:
-  Start-BitsTransfer http://​​_media/​  Start-BitsTransfer http://​​_media/​
   ​   ​
 If you have not already done so, install 7zip: If you have not already done so, install 7zip:
Line 79: Line 79:
   choco install -y vcredist2013   choco install -y vcredist2013
   choco install -y vcredist2008   choco install -y vcredist2008
-Get a copy of OpenSSL for Windows: 
-  Start-BitsTransfer http://​​download/​Win64OpenSSL-1_0_1L.exe 
-  .\Win64OpenSSL-1_0_1L.exe 
   ​   ​
 Now let's extract mongo: Now let's extract mongo:
-  & "C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7-Zip.exe" ​x  & 'C:\Program Files\7-Zip\7z.exe' ​x
   ​   ​
 You should have a a mongod.exe file. Lets check if it actually works: You should have a a mongod.exe file. Lets check if it actually works:
-  .\mongod.exe --version +  ​PS C:​\Users\Administrator> ​.\mongod.exe --version 
-   +  ​db version v2.6.3 
-You should have the mongo version. ​If you get errors of any kind regarding SSL, downgrade the OpenSSL version ​to an earlier one.+  ​2015-04-03T11:​57:​55.699-0700 git version: 255f67a66f9603c59380b2a389e386910bbb52cb 
 +  2015-04-03T11:​57:​55.699-0700 ​OpenSSL version: OpenSSL 0.9.8r 8 Feb 2011
 ==== Adding mongod to your $PATH ==== ==== Adding mongod to your $PATH ====
Line 119: Line 115:
   cd $env:​GOPATH\src\\juju\juju   cd $env:​GOPATH\src\\juju\juju
   go test ./...   go test ./...
 +===== Accessing the machine from Linux =====
 +Some of you might want to edit the go source from Linux using your favorite editors. To do that we can set up a share.
 +  sudo mount -t cifs -o username=Administrator,​password=<​password>,​uid=$UID,​gid=$GID //<​hostname>/​C$ <​mountpoint>​
 +Now all of your C drive will be available at <​mountpoint>​.
 +As a bonus, you can use https://​​masterzen/​winrm to winrm directly into the machine and run the test suite from the comfort of your shell. Follow the instructions provided in the github repository, but set the maximum memory allowed at however much the machine has instead of 1024. The test suite tends to eat quite a lot of memory. This does not necessarily depend on this particular winrm package, but it just simply works and will probably get integrated in juju as well soon.
   ​   ​
 ===== Bonus: ===== ===== Bonus: =====
Line 127: Line 133:
   (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile("​https://​​product=firefox-35.0.1-SSL&​os=win&​lang=en-US",​ "​$HOME\firefox_installer.exe"​)   (new-object System.Net.WebClient).DownloadFile("​https://​​product=firefox-35.0.1-SSL&​os=win&​lang=en-US",​ "​$HOME\firefox_installer.exe"​)
   cmd.exe /C call $HOME\firefox_installer.exe /SILENT   cmd.exe /C call $HOME\firefox_installer.exe /SILENT
 +  ​
 +Or the package management way:
 +  choco install -y firefox
 And to launch it: And to launch it:
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