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Implement Convertto-SecureString and ConvertFrom-SecureString in go


  • Reverse engineer how this is implemented in .Net.
    • Find the appropriate powershell command to determine which is the DLL that implements the commandlets.
    • Decompile the library usgin: .
    • Find the implementation that encrypts and decrypts strings using DAPI.
  • Implement those methods in a go package
  • unit tests for package
  • Check compatibility with powershell commandlets.

Implement ipconfig in a go package


  • List all interfaces on the system (array of interfaces)
    • List function must accept interface type
      • Interface types should be defined and mapped. For now, simply check for physical adapters.
  • List details of one interface
    • Interface name
    • Interface friendly name
    • Protocol used (static/DHCP)
    • DHCP server (if any)
    • IP
    • MAC
    • MTU
    • Interface type
    • State (up/down)

This can be done via WMI as well

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