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Set up environment for Openstack

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  • Upload images to glance. Names must be exactly as the “series” names in MaaS (precise, trusty, win2012, etc):
glance image-create --name win2012r2 --is-public True --disk-format qcow2 --container-format bare --file ~/windows_server_2012_r2_standard_eval_kvm_20131117.qcow2
  • Get ubuntu images from:
  • Edit:
  • and add:
  type: openstack
  # Specifies whether the use of a floating IP address is required to give the nodes
  # a public IP address. Some installations assign public IP addresses by default without
  # requiring a floating IP address.
  use-floating-ip: true
  admin-secret: d69aa1133fcf83aa41c2648e5f857ffd
  # Globally unique swift bucket name
  control-bucket: juju-09c98b2249a0e5021afaa076916c112d
  # If set, tools-url specifies from where tools are fetched.
  # tools-url:  https://you-tools-url
  # Usually set via the env variable OS_AUTH_URL, but can be specified here
  # auth-url: https://yourkeystoneurl:443/v2.0/
  # override if your workstation is running a different series to which you are deploying
  default-series: precise
  # The following are used for userpass authentication (the default)
  auth-mode: userpass
  # Usually set via the env variable OS_USERNAME, but can be specified here
  username: admin
  # Usually set via the env variable OS_PASSWORD, but can be specified here
  password: admin
  # Usually set via the env variable OS_TENANT_NAME, but can be specified here
  # tenant-name: <your tenant name>
  # Usually set via the env variable OS_REGION_NAME, but can be specified here
  region: RegionOne
  network: private
  • sync tools to Openstack:
glance image-list # we need the image ID for each "serie"
juju-metadata generate-image -e openstack -i 01225b3c-7249-4e1e-baef-aac122b3d9f8 -s win2012r2 # image ID and serie name
#you should get two files: AND index.json
juju sync-tools -e openstack --source=/home/ubuntu/.juju/ --debug
# juju-09c98b2249a0e5021afaa076916c112d is the bucket name from ~/.juju/environments.yaml
swift upload juju-09c98b2249a0e5021afaa076916c112d/images/streams/v1\:released\:imagemetadata.json index.json
juju bootstrap -e openstack --debug
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