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The Cloudbase Solutions Support Portal


This manual is intended as a guide for the Cloudbase Solution Support portal. At the end of the document you can also find a glossary of terms used throughout the manual.

Create an Account


Click Sign in to create a new user.

Click the Create an account link.

Fill out all the required fields

You will receive a confirmation email shortly. Please follow the link in the email to confirm your account.

Submit your first ticket

From the main page, select Open a New Ticket

Fill out the necessary information. The individual fields are explained in the Glossary section.

Get a reply from a Cloudbase Solutions support engineer

After the ticket has been submitted, a Cloudbase Solutions support engineer will be assigned to your ticket. For every reply you’ll receive an email.

The ticket can be closed only by a Cloudbase Solutions support engineer

Check Ticket Status

From the Homepage, click on the Check Ticket Status button to see a list of all your tickets.


Help Topic A list of available topics to better define the problem.
Issue Summary Short description of the issue.
Issue Details Please detail the issue as precisely as possible. For log files or any text content longer than a few lines, please attach the file to the issue. You can also attach relevant files (screenshots, zipped files, etc).
Product version Product/Software version. Example: mitaka, 8.0.0, etc.
Customer ID The Customer ID assigned when purchasing our products or services.
Host ID ID of the host or server (optional).
Launchpad Bug ID If there is a Launchpad Bug associated with the issue, please provide the ID (optional).
SLA Service Level Agreement.
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