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Cloudbase Support Team Space

This is the playground for the Support team.

Team Members

List the members of the support team, along with contact details.

Name Phone Email Skype Fleep
Alexandru Bujor +40785924646 alex_bujor
Costin Galan +40743609874 live:galan.costin

Internal Contacts

Contacts inside Cloudbase for different services used by Support Team.

Service Contact Person Preferred communication method
VPN Access ??? ???
Support Platform Access ??? ???

Escalation Points

When all else fails and support team cannot cover the issue, call these guys. It would be nice to get OLAs from them as well.


Product/Service Contact Person Preferred communication method
Cloudbase Nova Driver ??? ???
Cloudbase Cinder Driver ??? ???


Product/Service Contact Person Preferred communication method
Microsoft Stuff ??? ???
Canonical Stuff ??? ???

Operational Level Agreements (OLAs)

Internal Teams should provide a first response time in maximum 1h.

External Providers have their own OLAs.

Customers and SLAs

Customer Name Management Contact Technical Contact SLAs
Customer 1 Manager 1 Engineer 1 First response: 2h


Here we go with the list of our own procedures.

How to

  • Known Errors
  • Workarounds
  • Google
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